Our expertise & love for Champagne Wines are at the service of the success of your event, reception & meals.

We sublimate your celebrations with unique & sparkling Fine Food & Champagne Wine Pairings experiences that your guests will definitely remember.

We listen to your needs to suggest you the cuvées the more harmoniously paired with your menus, dishes & occasions, among the 7 multi-awarded cuvées of our partner, the House of Prestige des Sacres Champagne.

The wine from this vineyard was served during the celebrations of the coronation of King of France’s in Reims. Champagne wine from this prestigious vineyard was thus enjoyed by the King of France & his guests

Taste for excellence & French legacy shared by the houses Prestige des Sacres & Rêve makes their partnership strong & natural.

Jonas Proia, fondateur de la Maison Rêve de Roy
Via the Champagne Wines & Prestige Tasting Gift boxes that it markets, the House of Rêve de Roy wishes to transmit the rich French legacy of wines, haute cuisine & arts:

Let’s live the French Art de Vivre in the present, its party spirit, its taste for living together & for the sublime!

The House of Rêve de Roy is born from a boundless passion for the delicacy, the infinite richness, the elegance & the joie de vivre of original Champagne wines from Champagne Region, France.

It has been founded in 2018 by Jonas Proia, Champagne Wines amateur trained at the Institut International des Vins de Champagne, Villa Bissinger, Aÿ-Champagne, France.
Baptême de Clovis - Clovis' Baptism
The prestigious history of Champagne wine begins at the baptism of Clovis, in the year 498. From this great day of history of France, Champagne wine becomes the official beverage of honour for the coronation of the King of France.

During the reign of Louis XIV, Dom Pérignon perfects multiple aspects of the elaboration method of sparkling Champagne wine. The Sun King ordered that great part of father Pérignon’s wine production was reserved for his Court.

It was thus in Versailles that reputation & consumption of Champagne wines was spread over time. After Louis XVI’s reign, all European Courts demand the wine of Kings. Dandys & artists follow, celebrating the poetry of its bubbles, real source of inspiration & pure expression of the French Art de Vivre.
Logo Prestige des Sacres
Sacre du Roy de France à Reims

The essence of Prestige des Sacres Champagne wine is inextricably intertwined with the History of France. Indeed, it was in Reims, the very heart of the Champagne Appellation area, that no fewer than 33 Kings of France were crowned.

The Champagne wines served for the celebrations of the coronation of King of France’s in Reims were partly originated from the vineyard of the Prestige des Sacres House. The Champagne wine from this prestigious vineyard was thus enjoyed by the King of France & his guests.

In homage to the origin of their vines and their rich history, the winegrowers have chosen the name PRESTIGE DES SACRES for their Champagne, and a packaging design using royal colours and symbols.

The story began in the early 1960s, inspired by René Lamblot and a handful of winegrowers from Janvry near Reims, who decided to join forces and pool their resources to craft their own Champagne. Their aim was to promote their terroir – the western slopes of the Montagne de Reims.

The years went by and the small group expanded; the founding fathers were joined by several other winegrowers who shared the same desire for solidarity and mutual assistance.

Today, the 60 winegrowers of the PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne are writing their own story centred on a shared passion. They champion the values passed down from generation to generation and tend their vines by applying well-thought out, considered methods to offer the very best grapes.
Prestige des Sacres Vineyard/Vignoble

The 115-hectare vineyard on the western slopes of the Montagne de Reims is made up of 40 different crus, 5 of which are classified as Premier Cru (Vrigny, Pargny-les-Reims, Coulommes-la-Montagne, Sacy & Chamery).

The vines benefit from 4 different terroir typicities, which offer them an impressive diversity crucial for the quality of the blends.

PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne is testimony to the excellence of its terroir, the work and dedication of winegrowers and the expertise of the cellar master. Quality of its Champagnes is due, in part, to the diversity of the grapes, which are fully mastered and carefully monitored.

Tonneau Prestige des Sacres

– Winegrowers inspired by the values of sharing and mutual assistance driven by a sense of humanity and passed on from generation to generation.

– Integrated winemaking that respects nature and the terroir. Tending the vines every day to obtain the very finest grapes.

– Meticulous selection to retain only the very best and thus ensure the constant quality of the blends.

– The expertise of the Cellar Master who enhances the grapes using winemaking methods that respect the Champagne region’s traditions whilst being attentive to each individual wine.

– Cuvées crafted from the three Champagne grape varieties grown exclusively on vineyard of the House, offering delicacy, fruitiness, elegance and freshness.

– Aged in the cellars for longer than Champagne AOC requirements and with additional ageing for several months after disgorging to give cuvées that are matured to perfection.

– The fundamental values of the House are passion, heritage, respect for nature, the desire to work together and sharing.

RÊVE DE ROY - Vins de Champagne d'Exception
The House of Prestige des Sacres offers a range of 7 different Champagnes wines, 7 original cuvées, each having its singular raison d’être.